Our Vision

To become a leading oilfield project management, engineering and services contractor recognised for engineering and delivery excellence by the industry in general and our customers in particular.

The projects that we deliver will have the reputation of being "right first time". We will strive to earn the respect of our customers for our capability, our tenacity and our track record of sticking to the task at hand and delivering expected outcomes.

Our people will be focused on achieving real and meaningful KPI's that result in facilities start up and first oil or gas with minimal problems and delays.

Our systems will be seamlessly integrated and easy to use, giving trouble free service and being fit for purpose.

We will develop and maintain our own equipment, offshore systems and knowhow for use by our customers. These proprietary assets will be of the highest quality and make a real difference to the outcomes of customer projects.

We will be recognised as a structured, well ordered and safe resource for handling and holding valuable IP.

We shall look for qualities of honesty, integrity and diligence in all our staff and contractors alike. Emphasis on corporate governance will ensure that our customer’s interests are never compromised by unethical behaviour on our part.

Finally we will be an equal opportunity employer and will be fair in our dealings with those who work for us and with us. The company will work hard to maintain a team spirit that is real and not perfunctory.