Our Mission

To deliver safe and environmentally clean hydrocarbon projects without waste of money or resources.

We provide competent people and resources to deliver high calibre project outcomes particularly in the areas of subsea, offshore engineering, construction, installation and commissioning.

We strive to fully support our customers and be open and fair in our dealings with them. We want them to trust us and the work we do.

We are a small company that has managed large projects by leveraging upon our key people and building integrated teams with our customers. We look forward to this position of trust growing and excellent results being the outcome.

We do what we do because we are good at it and do so with accuracy, precision and speed. We take pride in and enjoy our work. We appreciate the good nature and can-do attitude of our people.

We always put our customer's needs first and will undertake the most difficult of tasks to achieve a favourable result for them.

Our goal is to be found worthy of our customers' support and that they will help us grow in a natural yet progressive programme.

We are in business to make reasonable profits but more importantly to build an organisation of willing and secure people who love the culture and the work and feel rewarded for what they achieve.